"The Swordsman"

I am a generally quiet individual with an insatiable spirit of adventure and desire to help others. I love to see others happy and safe and have come to the realization that it is nothing that I can accomplish on my own but with the spirit of Christ. My restlessness has found its rest in Christ alone, and though many things in this world appear attractive, He alone is my peace in the storm. I am a pilgrim and a wanderer who always wants to see, to learn, to experience new things, and to ask lots of questions. There really aren't many things I am not interested in or wouldn't want to learn about, given the opportunity. I am as much an academic as I am an athlete and mental, physical, and spiritual growth go hand in hand.


I am married to my beautiful Brazilian wife Cristiane, and we have a little baby girl named Alice who is objectively the cutest baby in the world. I believe that we have been called to serve the Lord through ministering to the least among people and the forgotten in being their voice and comfort when the world and the church at large have turned its back. God has His people everywhere and I know of a certainty that I am no less of a sinner or of no greater value than anyone else, yet I am of infinite value to my Father, and everyone needs to know that they are as well.

"The Mom"

I'm a 2015 graduate of the University of Maryland University College in Women's studies. I also have background in numerous amounts of volunteer work. I am married to the most incredible man. In 2016, God blessed us with twin daughters and not long after, in 2017, with our third child, a son. 


I am a spirited, orderly, and easy-going kind of gal who is passionate about anything that crosses my path. In my free time, you can find me outside with my family hiking trails, enjoying the great bodies of water, or playing sports. I am honored to be a part of Operation Children and am warm-hearted, thinking about all the great opportunities we will have to help God’s children across the globe. 

"The Communicator"

I am a passionate, warm, crafty, coffee-loving wife and mom from Northern California. From an early age, God instilled in me a heart for His people across the globe and a strong conviction to bring justice to the oppressed and defend the weak. Fueled by that passion, I am motivated to ensure safe and healthy childhoods for kids globally. I am thrilled to be a part of Operation Children, where I know that everything I do is directly helping to meet the needs of a child somewhere in the world.


When I have spare time, I like to do all things crafty, read, snuggle my little girl, or go on coffee dates with my husband, Jon. I had the privilege of growing up in a small town, which created in me a desire to make sure that every environment I entered had that “everyone-is-family” feel. I now live in a slightly bigger city with my husband and daughter, who both make sure there is never a dull moment in our home.

"The Vloger"

I am from a small town in Michigan and enjoy outdoor activities such as sports, camping, and long walks on the beach. I have four sisters and three brothers, of which I am the youngest. I really like food, like really!  My fave foods are cheesecake and mangos.


I have a strong burden for prayer; I love talking to God, and my only desire in this world is to see my friends and family go to heaven. I am the media coordinator for Operation Children and the leader of our prayer team. I am blessed to be a part of this ministry because I love God and wish only to be a vessel for Him to work through.  

"The Writer"

I'm a fun and easy-going girl from Northern California. I enjoy singing loudly in my car, dancing in socks, and long walks on the beach, or rather long walks on high cliffs near the beach.


I come from a loud and hilarious family, where I am known as Auntie Dani to a beautiful niece and sweet nephew. Being the youngest of three has allowed me to develop the highly useful skill of wiggling my way into people's lives and forcing them to like me. I have used this method to gain most of my friends.


The Lord has given me a passion for teaching and learning, and I always find myself doing both. He has also given me a heart for children, which is why I am so excited to be with Operation Children. How extraordinary that I would get to spend my time meeting the needs of a child and helping them to know how deeply they are known and how ferociously they are loved by Jesus! I am truly living the dream!

"The Woodsman"

I love the woods and what nature has to offer. If it were possible to live in the days of the pioneers I would love to. I prefer small groups of close friends and family. My wife and children are such a blessing from God and I am forever grateful that He gave them to me. God is my fortress and I have come to learn to trust in His timing and will for my life. I like making pizza in our brick pizza oven and experimenting with different recipes. I am blessed to be part of this wonderful organization and have an opportunity to reach children for heaven.

"The Archer"

I had the privilege of growing up in an amazing family of eight children and two godly parents in a small town in Michigan. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ (though it honestly seems a little unfair even to claim that with as much as He has had to carry me), a musician, an artist, and a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. I love languages (speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese) and have a list of languages I want to learn that should only take me about four lifetimes to complete.


A couple of my favorite things in the world are to be an uncle, and to have deep spiritual/biblical conversations about cool things I, or someone else, thought of or found in the Bible.  In 2007, I completed a four-month evangelism-training course at a Bible school in Troy, Michigan and have since had the privilege of being involved in multiple mission projects, both locally and around the world (Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Mexico, and Brazil). Through all of the experiences that God has given me over the past several years, His special focus in my life has been to teach me about prayer and lead me down the path to making prayer my first and greatest work and ministry.  While I feel like I have a long way to go, I desire first and foremost that God make me His prayer warrior and secondly, that He use me to help others become prayer warriors, as we carry forward  the invaluable work of Operation Children.

"The Overseer"

I’m a super social individual who finds true joy in reaching out to others, especially those to whom most wouldn’t consider offering their time.  I am originally from Brazil where I had the privilege of working with different social projects, most notably one that rescued children from situations of abuse.   I mainly worked with the aspect of helping them overcome their psychological stress or trauma as well as socialize better with others and build trust.  I graduated with a degree in marketing and did a post-graduate certificate in business and communication, and I love the areas of administration and organization of financial documents and systems.


I am married to a man who puts God first, and that inspires me every day to work for the sake of those around us.  We also have a beautiful baby girl named Alice! I am very grateful to God for putting in the heart of this group the desire to do such a beautiful work.  I find myself blessed to be a part of this great mission of taking the hope of Christ to those who need our help.

"The Man"

I am a joy-filled, energetic, athletic, and slightly ADHD guy with a passion to see people grow and to make a difference in the world in the name of Jesus Christ. I come from a small town and small family in the gorgeous Sierra Foothills in California. I love to do anything and everything athletic, from wrestling to Spartan races and will turn any menial task into a competition if given the opportunity


I graduated from a small college in San Diego, California, called San Diego Christian College in 2013, where God totally and utterly changed the foundation of my life. Just over two years later, I made the second best choice of my life behind the decision to follow Christ: I married my wonderful wife Emily who is now the mother to our adorable daughter Eloise. I'm completely and utterly overcome with excitement as God continues to upstage any plans I thought I had for my life, and I couldn't be more excited for all that Operation Children will do for His children around the globe.