All profits received from the sale of these items support our mission to aid children around the world.

"Battle Worn" Project

We love it when our supporters, team members, prayer warriors, and followers wear our apparel proudly!  Often times, attire may get torn, dirty, stained, and worn out from so much usage.  This is why we have started the “Battle Worn Project.” The “Battle Worn Project” is an initiative to help raise awareness against depraved indifference—especially for the children.


We encourage you to wear your apparel until it becomes “Battle Worn.”  Don’t shy away from getting it dirty.  Wear your apparel to paint a house, enter a mud run, clean a dirty basement, perform grueling workouts, or to soccer practice.   The more worn out it gets, the better!  Then, take a picture of you wearing your “Battle Worn” apparel, and post it on our Facebook page.  In return, we will replace your “Battle Worn” item, free of charge.  No exchange necessary.