Archery - Prayer

When it comes to spiritual warfare there is one type of warrior that stands out among the rest, the archers. In the battles of old, the archers were generally considered to be the first line of attack as they were the ones who wielded the long-range weapon, the bow and arrow. On a battlefield, the archers were especially effective for thinning out the ranks of an opposing army in order to prepare the way for the hand-to-hand warriors, such as the swordsmen, to go and finish the work against an already weakened enemy force. A well-trained company of archers could hit their targets at great distances; often defeating an enemy troop without ever having to personally engage them in hand-to-hand battle.

Intercessory prayer is the long-range weapon of spiritual warfare. It may be used to affect a target half way around the world with perfect accuracy and before any hand-to-hand work is ever done, and thus aught to be used as the first line of attack in any spiritual battle, to prepare the way ahead of God’s work. 


The Sword - The Word of God

The Bible, like a sword, can be used as both an offensive and defensive weapon and is especially useful in close-range or hand-to-hand combat. (See: Heb 4:12, Eph 6:17). 

A well-trained swordsman might be able to give a thorough Bible study on almost any major topic without the use of a study aid. He or she might be able to overcome a difficult passage or objection raised by a skeptic with clear and well-founded Biblical evidence. Good swordsmanship is essential, especially in these last days as the attacks on Biblical truth are coming from all sides. We must all be well trained in the use of this spiritual weapon, both for defending against the attacks of the enemy as well as actively attacking the kingdom of darkness for the furthering of God's love and truth in the world. 


Trebuchet - Group Prayer

One of the most feared war machines of antiquity, the trebuchet was used to break through the walls of even the most well fortified cities or castles by continuously slinging massive stones at them.

According to Mat 18:19-20, there is something especially powerful or effective about a group praying together in agreement for a thing. A group of believers continuously praying together toward one common target may be the only way to break through the walls of some of the enemy’s most well fortified spiritual territories and cities. Whether they be actual geographic areas held under the power of darkness, or those of individual households, or even individual hearts, often, united and consistent group prayer is the only way to effectively break through the barriers preventing their invasion and overthrow. The trebuchet is thus a very fitting representation of the powerful weapon being utilized when God’s people join in united prayer for one common target. As it says in Zechariah 9:15, “The Lord of Heaven’s Armies will protect his people, and they will defeat their enemies by hurling great stones.” (NLT) And what is the stone that these trebuchets are throwing? “...For they were drinking from a spiritual rock which followed them; and the rock was Christ. Jesus is the rock of the trebuchet! When God’s people unite in prayer, it is Jesus who goes before them to break down the barriers, “Casting down...every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God...” (2 Cor 10:5), and preparing the way for his people to work and gain the victory.


Shield - Shield of Faith


Armor - Armor of God


Slaves to Sin

Slaves, or captives are those who are unsaved, who do not have a saving relationship with Jesus, but who are not actively fighting against the kingdom of God. These may be in their unsaved state simply due to ignorance, perhaps due to indifference, or because they are held by some chain of vice or addiction that they cannot break away from. They are captives, yet when rescued often become some of the most zealous warriors for the kingdom of light because, having once been bound in the enemies ranks themselves, they are now willing to fight to the death in order to free others who are still bound in those dark prison cells. 


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