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Mission statement

As a Christ-centered organization, our overall mission is to Help Others by Providing the Essentials. At its core, our mission is to be the right arm of the Great Physician, Jesus Christ, who is the world’s greatest essential!

Health Center

We believe it is our mission to establish a wellness program that will educate and empower others to live a lifestyle for optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health, using the eight natural laws of health and natural remedies. Using the eight laws of health and natural remedies, our team has helped many people emerge victorious, free from pain and illness. 

Community Outreach

We believe it is our mission to be the right of Christ. Through community outreach, we reach out to others and provide the essentials of healthy foods, clothing, and wellness services, which allows us to minister to others as Jesus ministered while He was on earth.

Health Foods

We believe it is our mission to help our clients and customers to develop healthy nutritional habits and give them access to natural supplements and remedies that will improve their health. Through HEALTH FOODS, we will be able to teach others how to eat and live the way God intended for us.

Chiropractic and Wellness

We believe it is our mission, through CHIROPRACTIC AND WELLNESS, that we can help individuals sort through the clutter and chaos of their health and medical needs, to help them understand why they are hurting and provide a means to an improved quality of life that gives them a path to freedom from pain, prescription drugs, and insurance debacles. 

Discipleship Training

We believe it is our mission to create a discipleship process of becoming like Jesus by spending time with Jesus, learning self-denial and sacrifice, and being able to face opposition for standing out from the crowd. 

Medical Missionary

We believe it is our mission, by precept and example, to train and produce proficient medical missionaries with the knowledge and skills to efficiently and effectively minister to the needs of both soul and body.

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